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Polyethyleneimines are polymers in the main chains of which there are NH groups which are separated from one another by two methylene groups. The cationic polymerization of ethyleneimine gives rise to branched products with primary, secondary and tertiary amino groups in proportions of approx. 3: 4: 3.

Polyethyleneimines are used, among other things, as flocculants, retention aids to improve the wet strength of paper and to fix pigments.

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Polymers as flocculants30 min.

ChemistryMacromolecular ChemistryFunctional polymers

The flocculation of colloidally suspended particles can be triggered by neutralizing their surface charge. Polymeric flocculants ensure that the flakes agglomerate to form larger agglomerates. Some of these polymers are presented.

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