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Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner was a chemist born on December 13, 1780 in Germany. He was the author of the triad laws of the Periodic Table.

He was a coachman's son and had his formal education reduced. She was self-taught, and early at 14 she went to work as an assistant in a pharmacy. His early chemical knowledge caught the eye of Karl August, who secured him a nomination for the University of Yena. His classes were often attended by Goethe, who showed great interest in the sciences. Many times more than your writings.

He worked as a chemistry professor at the University of Yena. In 1829 Dobereiner realized that the recently discovered bromine element had properties that seemed to lie midway between chlorine and iodine. Also that their atomic weight was right in the middle of these two elements.

He began to study the list of known elements, noting their properties and atomic weights. Found two more groups with the same pattern. He named these groups Triad.

He began extensive research to identify more elements and groups, but only managed to group 9 elements out of the 54 known at the time. The Dobereiner Triads was considered by scholars of the time a coincidence.

This discovery was important for the development of optical glass technology. Dobereiner died on March 24, 1849.