Toxin metabolism

Toxin metabolism

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Overview page with a recommended order of the learning units in the subject area "Toxin Metabolism" for the study of toxicology.

General pharmacology and toxicology

Toxicodynamics - Basics of Toxic Effects60 min.

This learning unit is an introduction to the classification of pollutants. The toxic effects of a foreign substance are determined by numerous factors, some of which are discussed here. At the end of this learning unit, the basics of receptor theory are presented.

Metabolism of foreign substances120 min.

The learning unit describes the main features of the biotransformation of foreign substances in the organism. The cytochrome P450 enzymes of phase I metabolism are described in detail in accordance with their central importance in the metabolism of foreign substances.

Compact cellular test systems15 minutes.

A description of alternative cellular test systems that are approved as replacements for animal experiments in Germany, presented in compact form.

Cellular test systems30 min.

With additional basic material, this learning unit describes the alternative cellular test systems that are approved as substitutes for animal experiments in Germany.

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