Control engineering

Control engineering

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Measure, control, regulate in the laboratory


Measuring, controlling and regulating over long distances is certainly one of the greatest things that make everyday laboratory work easier. This means that you no longer need to be in the laboratory to start reactions and monitor their sales.

As part of this internship, a client / server application is presented that was implemented entirely in the Java programming language. From a server that is connected to a measuring device via RS-232, data is sent via the TCP / IP protocol to a client on whose machine the relevant applet has been loaded. This can then graphically display and log the data, as well as control and regulate the experiment.

This experiment is to deal with an important area of ​​electrical engineering, namely with control engineering, since this also plays an important role in chemistry, especially in technical and analytical processes. Basic principles are to be developed. The experiment concludes with a discussion on Internet measurement technology and laboratory automation.

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