Concentration Types

Concentration Types

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Concentration It is the term we use to make the relationship between the amount of solute and the amount of solvent in a solution.

Quantities can be given in mass, volume, mol, etc.

m1= 2g
no2 = 0.5mol
V = 14L

Each quantity has an index. We use index:

1 = for solute quantities
2 = for solvent quantities
no index = for solution quantities


2g mass of NaCl solute: m1= 2g
number of moles of 0.5mol of water solvent: n2 = 0.5mol
14L solution volume: V = 14L

The concentrations may be:

  1. Common concentration
  2. Molarity
  3. Title
  4. Molar fraction
  5. Normality

We will study each one below.