Basics of modern nuclear magnetic resonance

Basics of modern nuclear magnetic resonance

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Measurement sample

The NMR measurement sample to be examined is in liquid form (solid in the solvent, liquid mixture) in an NMR tube. Default values ​​are 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm or 15mm.

At the beginning of a measurement, the NMR tube is pushed into a spinner, adjusted and inserted into the upper opening of the magnet.

A counter-current of pure nitrogen (or dried air) ensures that the NMR tube does not fall down after it has been put on. By carefully reducing the gas flow manually (or automatically), the spinner with the tube is then lowered into the room temperature bore of the magnet until it finds its holder. Depending on the measurement, the tube is rotated (typ. 10-20Hz) by directing a stream of air against the side of the spinner.

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