Calibration function

Calibration function

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Area of ​​Expertise - Analytical chemistry

The calibration function y = f (x) is obtained from the signals of the measurements (e.g. absorbance) of one or more standards of known concentration. The standards should include the expected concentration range of the samples.

See also: calibration

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Relationship between confidence interval, analysis and calibration function with detection, determination and detection limits


This is a relaxation method with a potential jump and registration of the changing electrolysis current. First, a potential is applied to the working electrode at which the analyte is not yet converted. With a sudden change in the potential to a new value that is constant over time, the oxidation or reduction of the analyte begins and an electrochemical current begins to flow. This current has its maximum value immediately after the potential jump and then drops. The course over time is described by the Cotrell equation.

  • I - electrolytic current
  • z - number of electrons transferred
  • F - Faraday's constant (96,486 As / mol)
  • D - diffusion constant (among other things dependent on the viscosity of the solution and the size of the diffusing particles)
  • A - electrode surface
  • t - time
  • c - initial concentration of the reacted substance

The product $ I cdot sqrt $ is constant for the investigated substance in a certain period of time during the measurement and is dependent on the initial concentration c, the diffusion constant D. and the number of electrons transferred z (Change in the oxidation state of the substance). Accordingly, the Cotrell equation can be used to calculate the initial concentration or the change in the oxidation state or the diffusion constant. & # 911 & # 93

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